About This Blog

You’ve somehow come across LoveScienceandNat20s.com! Welcome!

Why Love, Science, and Nat20s? It’s how I’m building my family and life overall: the love we share, the necessary science of infertility treatments, and a lot of luck.


I’m Abby, the 30-something blog owner. I’m a stay-at-home mom and aspiring writer (maybe when the kids are all in school?), all while trying to squeeze in time for my geekier hobbies (D&D; various video games… okay, let’s be real, I mostly mean World of Warcraft; writing; reading; attacking baking projects with some level of success; and other sundry nerdy pursuits). I started this blog at the suggestion of some friends who have been following my infertility journey–one that lasted about five years before I eventually had three beautiful children.

Other characters likely to make an appearance on this blog include:


Kyle. My husband of almost eight years and life partner of nearly thirteen. My best friend, the butter to my bread, the breath to my life. He’s a web UI developer with a passion for building worlds. He’s also the DM of our Saturday night D&D game and is just as much of a nerd as I am–if not more!


Sam. My son, the oldest, my nat 20–born after more than a year of Kyle and I trying to get pregnant, which we found out later was against all sorts of odds. He’s almost five, a bundle of energy and excitement, LEGOs and Star Wars, Duck Tales and never running less than a thousand miles an hour.

51329562_10156024279120592_8968493185563099136_o (1)

Isaac. My middle boy, all giggles and muscles, an absolute tank of a one-year-old who has yet to meet a food he doesn’t like. He and his twin sister Carrie are my little miracles, born after two years of IVF treatments, NICU babies who are kicking so much butt that it’s ridiculous.

51855797_10156024279695592_2238187619215212544_o (1)

Carrie. My baby girl, giggles and babbles and bundles of emotion. She’s utterly dramatic and sweet, preferring to be carried about everywhere instead of getting there herself, clapping and flailing around various toys while telling them all about her day. She’s the younger of the twins, born one minute after her brother.


Tinkerbell. My ornery cat, turning nineteen in September. She likes to yell at me to feed her and then sleep with her butt on my face.

Glad to see you here, and hope you enjoy your stay! Happy reading!